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ristorante vecio friul a milano - lombardia




The restaurant is open since 1988, is one of the historical buildings in Milan. The wrought iron rooster is the symbol of Ostarie Friuli, but I propose a cuisine of Lombardy, Milan, as in my tradition, while the name of the original has been ... Yes, every time someone asks me ... I've been here since 1997. I started this job in '84, before the historical venue of my mother, 100 years of local ... Then I had a local mine, then work abroad ... This is how it all starts! The people who come here are people who love sausages and love cheese, especially ... but I like to say I love good food! I've always had a passion for cheese and wine. Here I was able to develop the best and it became my feature I have made so many trips to France, try the small Italian artisans ... Italy is full of excellent manufacturers ... With many of my clients have become friends, funny things are born and special ... Often organize tastings with the producers explaining their product: cheese, wine ... For me, a tasting must be complete, with wine paired with the right foods ... Why is Vecio kitchen, with pasta, meat, fish ... The basis of all? There is no doubt, is the raw material! It is the raw material that makes you successful ... For example, even bread is important ... I choose a bread, craft, like my friend Eugenio Pol .. must be a very crispy bread, like a Sicilian bread with sesame seeds, because with cheeses and cured meats need a crusty bread ... or a loaf of bread with walnuts ... of course, the bread is an important factor, if it is good you can hear the properties, I enjoy ... People who eat here explain what the plate ... I like to tell the wine, the cheese, the dish that I present at the table ... in the dish I create ions that are a journey of taste, from the most delicate to the most powerful ... and then propose the combination with the right wine ... When I propose a ion of cheeses I try to put what is my basic culture ... the culture of a cheese ... pairing the right wine with that cheese ... is important to understand that there are different types, which have their own background story ... the sheep, the big cheese, goat's cheese of Boscasso ... the combination with the wine depends on the type of cheese ... hard cheese, blue cheese, soft ... the wine enhances the characteristics of the cheese ... Even jams, mustards, jams grape to pair with cheeses are of the routes ... I love the natural taste a cheese ... for me the taste in the mouth of a big cheese is enhanced with a great wine, but the natural ... I suggest that ... However, for example, the great tradition Piedmontese us proposes a variety of interesting combinations ... For example, a large Castelmagno erborinato is great with honey, that binds ... or a large cheese or aged cheese ...

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