Point of Interest type cycling excursion: PEDESTRIAN PATH in SAN REMO - ITALIA | 


(area Bordighera Taggia Castellaro)




English Tract is accessed in the center of Arma di Taggia, near the level crossing near the former railway station. To the east back toward Riva Ligure. To the west the trail continues through Bussana of Sanremo. The track passes through a first leg behind the houses in the village of Arma (25/05/2016 22:36:18)di Taggia, resort and beach resort in the town of Taggia. At the end of the town, the track is released on the former railroad track, and dominates the coastline and beaches Bussana. The panorama is splendid, and the track continues along the path of Aurelia. Near the area of the Flower Market of Valle Armea, the track continues further down than the roadway, and pastures and (see more at http://www.ideasfortravels.com/site.asp?id=1I1B8HMZ3BET3YOP-point-of-interest-paths-for-cycling-pedestrian-path-san-remo-liguria-italy)some small tunnels equipped. After the last tunnel, the trail joins the resort area of Three Bridges, an area of popular beaches during the summer. After that, the track enters the urban center of Sanremo. Here the track has a very small place, and passing ability also shares some traits with scooters and motorcycles