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hotel liliana in varigotti - liguria




Santino Amarotto in 1973, owner of a print shop in Turin, decided to stop breathing and lead inks and, at age 57, he began a new professional adventure in Liguria buying Pension Liliana Varigotti. Those before and those after, the whole family followed him by moving the roots of Turin bogianen the sea. Nele his wife, his children Sergio and Roberto and their wives and Loredana Angela and, a little 'later niece Barbara, contributed to the consolidation of the' business accommodation. The Hotel Liliana was enlarged by annexing neighboring Pensione Angelina. Sergio broke away from the run of the hotel and began his career with his family of Lifeguard by purchasing Bagni Mariella, now led by his son Fabrizio and his family. For some years Barbara, mother of the little Agatha, with the valuable help of grandmother Loredana and efficiency of wonderful and loyal staff, has definitely taken the reins of management strongly motivated to continue the family tradition. We all have at heart the desire to accept with enthusiasm and attention to our customers, to make you feel at home those who decide to spend time in our small glimpse of Liguria, whether it be a short but intense weekend, that of a holiday a bit 'longer. Also a strong will led us to seek to constantly improve the services, keeping up with the times to follow the constant changes in the tourism sector, in order to meet the variety of guests who will choose. The goals are ambitious, and the journey is challenging, the idea of doing it by sharing it with all of you is our starting point !! We are a seaside hotel on the Riviera: in just two minutes' walk from the hotel on foot, you can easily reach the beautiful beach. Since 1973, the management of the hotel is geared mainly towards families looking to spend their holidays in Liguria in a hotel for children. The offer is very diverse and the attention and care towards the guest, which distinguish us, is for all those who appreciate and want to spend their holiday privileging the calm and relaxing pace, the knowledge of the land and its fruits. In fact, anyone looking for a beach holiday, will find in our hotel in Liguria the ideal location to relax, eat well and do a lot of outdoor activities, the discovery of a land whose beauty is unmatched.