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agritourism farmhouse fattoria di vibio in montecastello di vibio - umbria




Welcome to Umbria and let us, together, follow the path of our history, appreciate uncontaminated nature, discover villages and castles that are the guardians of the art of millennia. Umbria is the ambience where spirit and work and man and nature are united in a continuing osmotic relationship based on respect, a welcoming respect that gives to hospitality a sense of mutual enrichment for the host and the guest. Here, you will perceive a magical, still light illuminate shades of green, wherever you your eye. At dusk a thousand undulating profiles are bathed in this light, with bell towers and paths, mirrors of clear waters and woods fading into the land of fairy tales. It is here that the country resort of the Fattoria di Vibio is located, the place where we live and share and host our guests in. The ideal place to immerse yourself in a life style modeled around the concept of slow life, to untangle the chaos of thoughts in harmonious dialogue with yourself and with this land that unites the past with the present and weaves the thread of memories, tracing great stories by way of small testimonials. Hidden away in the nature reserve of Mount Peglia, in the midst of the unpolluted nature that characterises this undeniably beautiful corner of Umbria, lies the country resort Fattoria di Vibio. The Fattoria's sympathetically restored stone cottages harmoniously blend in with the natural landscape, which is accentuated by valleys and wooded slopes. Only few areas manage to retain the essence of their character, and this corner of Umbria ranks among them. It is the perfect setting for a meeting of nature and the human mind: this is an environment where it is possible to reflect on ones own awareness of time and space in order to discover a new way of looking at life and to engage in dialogue with nature. The interiors have been redecorated with a careful eye to maintaining intact the original architectural features of this type of accomodation buildings in this part of italy: antique terracotta floors, large wooden beams, stone walls. But the welcoming and refined tone of the Fattoria makes it ideal for a pleasant and relaxing stay. The above prices of accommodation are per persons and included SPA, breakfast, dinner and daily cleaning. Not include beverages and bar expenses.