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territory promoter pro loco toscolano maderno in toscolano maderno - lombardia




Welcome to Toscolano a territory to discover and experience between culture, nature and sports. The lake with its colors, the Valley of the paper mills that tells its long history, the mountainous hinterland with its many trails invite you to unforgettable experiences. A network of organizations, associations, museums, accommodation works in synergy to offer the best of this land and its people have to offer. Tourism is a gift of this land and the ability to reinvent itself of its people. Let us guide you among the many cultural events, the attractive opportunities for leisure and excellent flavors of traditional local cuisine. To you, dear guests, the task of choosing! Have a nice stay

Offered services

The Pro Loco Toscolano is an association on a voluntary basis by private, nonpartisan, nonprofit public but with relevance and purpose of social promotion, tourism, the enhancement of its fruition in terms of conservation of reality and tourist-naturalistic potential -culturali-artistic-historical-local food and wine social in which it operates and the community that resides on it, in order to promote social growth. The Pro Loco Toscolano, in way of explanation and not exhaustive: - Performs aggregation work of people and organizations that, as a voluntary, they share the principles and aims of the Association and the desire to undertake to achieve them; - Held and / or promote research aimed at deepening the understanding and protection of land resources and insediatavi community, and disseminating the results to their respectful fruition; - It is the work of education and training on the topics of history, geography, customs, traditions, art, local culture, including cooperation in the growth of suitable professional; - Organizes demonstrations in gender and in particular conferences, meetings, exhibitions, excursions, all aimed at promoting community and its social development, promoting awareness to participate in community life; - Work for the dissemination of environmental issues and for the formation of a specific sensitivity, with particular reference to local realities. These actions will be aimed especially at young people, in collaboration with educational institutions; - Sensitizing the community towards the development and growth of tourism, directed both to local competition that external reality, especially in terms of quality, also taking steps for the establishment of Information Offices and Tourist; - Promotes and participates in actions of protection in every office and in every grade, including administrative and judicial offices.