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Events, festivals, concerts and folklore close to PIAZZA RONCAS, 12, AOSTA AOSTA VALLEY, ITALY Saint-christophe Saint Maurice Villair-Amerique


Extimated event date: Agosto 2018
Loc. ARNAD - VALLE D AOSTA  Navigatore
Altitude: 383 mt. a.s.l.  Area Verrès, Bard, Donnas
The main focus of the boards Aosta Valley , was born in a small town in the lower Valle d'Aosta Arnad lard. Considered until recently a simple dressing , with the festival of local food Festival of Lard has been re-evaluated to obtain a national reputation . Find in our days its rightful place in the tables , such as a delicious appetizer . The lard Arnad prepares the palate of the connoisseur and then accompany him in many different local dishes with a harmony of regal taste , in fact it is always present as a condiment in the first and second courses , even on dessert. Historical references of the sixteenth century testify to its consummation in the human and the great versatility of the product. The production process , refined over the years, handed down from generation to generation , it helps to give the product unique and unrepeatable. A peculiarity of Arnad and that relating to the feeding of pig feed that excludes integrated to give space to foods such as vegetables and chestnuts and his way of being cured with the use of locally available herbs such as garlic , salt , rosemary , bay leaves and brine and stored in a container made handcrafted with chestnut wood , called doil .

Events, festivals and events in VALLE D AOSTA near PIAZZA RONCAS, 12, AOSTA AOSTA VALLEY, ITALY Saint-christophe Saint Maurice Villair-Amerique: 'FESTA DEL LARDO'  


Aosta Valley is the smallest region in Italy and is in the north-west, between France and Switzerland. Its core is its majestic peaks in this mainly mountainous region, centred around the highest parts of the Alps; Cervino, Mount Rosa, Gran Paradiso and the king of them all, Mont Blanc, which at 4810 metres is the highest mountain in Europe: it is the roof of the old Continent. Those who are not familiar with mountaineering can use the comfor yet spectacular cable car, which can be caught a few kilometres from Courmayeur, one of the most important ski resorts in the world. In this setting of stately mountains and different types of valley, sits the oldest National Park, the Gran Paradiso, where it is still possible to see animals in their natural habitat - ibex, chamois, eagles and marmots live in vegetation which changes according to the surrounding environment. Historically, the Aosta Valley has been viewed as land of contact and fusion between Italy and France, which is reflected in its official bilingualism and its special autonomous region status. The great modern tunnels of Gran San Bernardo and, even more so, Mont Blanc, an engineering masterpiece that ends up in France, highlight even more clearly this aspect of intersection between Italy and the rest of Europe. The only province of the region is Aosta (regional capital).