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Events, festivals, concerts and folklore close to BOSA OR, ITALIA Modolo Sennariolo Scano di Montiferro


Extimated event date: Novembre 2018
30 Km from BOSA
  Area Santu Lussurgiu, Cuglieri, Abbasanta
You will be spoiled for choice among the many booths of the participating wineries scattered along the narrow streets of the historic center of this precious Sardinian village, who, with their top wines will delight the throats of the thousands of visitors who come from all over the island and more. A unique opportunity to discover the realities of the myriad of small but very famous local wineries and further including a tasting and the other paths in the very best food and wine specialties, unique flavors that only the tradition of a genuine land as the Sardinia has to offer. But also a great opportunity for enthusiasts and professionals, to get to know all the secrets of the precious nectar of the gods, with its many themed conferences, cultural activities and games, entirely dedicated to the world of wine will be truly accessible to all.


Extimated event date: Ottobre 2018
26 Km from BOSA
Altitude: 303 mt. a.s.l.  Area Santu Lussurgiu, Cuglieri, Scano di Montiferro
On 5 October. Taste of the sea, taste of beer. Started to pack up, it's off to the Isle of the Sea: Sardinia. Only this time to Beer in Bidda Seneghe will wait for a sea yes, but beer. Please leave your snorkel at home, forget snorkeling because for once drink in the sea of mugs will be one of the easiest activities you can do. In this beautiful enchanted village inland oristanese will taste the best national and international beers. You can start off with a classic, a blonde and that is a real local institution: its foaming Ichnusa. Most heterophile can rejoice instead of two German exceptional arriving directly from production dell'oktober fest: Spaten and Augustiner Hell Hell. You will continue with the great classics of German production with copious mugs of Franziskaner weiss and Wieninger Marzenbock. To then make a trip to Belgium with Kwak to land on another island with the Irish Oyster Stout. All accompanied by rifocillanti tastings of local products and specialties like grilled veal meat of the great red ox on the spit. And more live music and DJ sets to finish off the evening with joy. If you want to play it safe course also the fins, with all this sea of beer after a couple of mugs somehow might come in handy.


Extimated event date: Settembre 2018
Loc. BUSACHI - SARDEGNA  Navigatore
45 Km from BOSA
Altitude: 403 mt. a.s.l.  Area Sorradile, Bidoń, Norbello
Sunday, September 1st. And you can also eat very well at the Festival de Su succu Busachi in the province of Oristano. If you are thinking that succu On either version, the island's some kind of juice you're mistaken. Let's start from the beginning. On succu is the dialect to describe a dish with a unique flavor that each year attracts many visitors and tourists in this small village in Sardinia. What's this? For the uninitiated this goodness, On succu are nothing more than the delicious noodles long and slender, strictly hand. That's it? Calmly, the beauty is coming. After doing the rounds on display in the streets of the old town with the most valuable assets of the earth as bread and cakes, pasta is boiled in a broth of sheep, beef and vegetables. Once cooked is topped with a generous amount of su casu aghedu, a fresh cheese taste sour and mild typical of the area. Starts to get interesting right? At this point the hands of local housewives will add zafferanno previously dissolved in a little mutton broth. Ok, now you can dry the bib is to pack the Festival de Su succu Busachi waiting for you!

Events, festivals and events in SARDEGNA near BOSA OR, ITALIA Modolo Sennariolo Scano di Montiferro: 'SAGRA DEL VINO NOVELLO'   'BIRRA IN BIDDA!'   'IL SUCCU DEL DISCURSU E' CHE CI SI DIVERTE! - SAGRA DE SU SUCCU'  


A journey sailing on an emerald sea among small and big coves with snow-white sand and this is Sardinia, an Island that strikes its visitors with natural contrasts, the lights and colours of a region that guards old traditions, amid wilderness and pure nature. Situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia is a mainly mountainous region, without high peaks, with a vast and charming, yet bittersweet, natural environment. In fact, the presence of man does not seem to affect this territory; great surfaces still preserve their natural composition, luxuriant woods with even millenary trees, small desert areas and marshes inhabited by deer, wild horses and rapacious birds. The sea reigns over this region with its colours and it creeps into the coves, along the coasts, the beaches and the most popular resorts. An example is the Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast) with its pearl, Porto Cervo, that combines the history and culture of a region that has old traditions with a joyful and colourful nightlife. Porto Cervo was named after its enchanting cove, which looks like the antlers of a deer; the Old Port is considered the best-equipped tourist port in the Mediterranean Sea. Porto Rotondo is also a famous location; it overlooks the wide Gulf of Cugnana and is full of villas and piazzas embedded in a splendid natural environment. Those who prefer the mountain to the sea can explore the area of Gennargentu, the greatest mountain range in Sardinia, with its peculiar landscape, where Man and Nature joined one another and decided that the latter should have the priority. This region is rich in flora and fauna, with its mouflons, golden eagles, Sardinian deer and several species that are now threatened with extinction. Among its wonders, Sardinia offers the visitor the Nuragic complexes scattered all over the territory. These are unique monuments in the world that testify an ancient culture, that remains partly mysterious, and that went from the fifteenth century to the sixteenth BC. The Nuragic constructions were built using great blocks of stone and develop around a central cone-shaped tower that transmits strength and power. These are archaeological sites where it is possible to grasp the archaic charm of ancient rituals and domestic life. Of these many constructions, the complex of Barumini, in the province of Cagliari, is among the sites in the UNESCO World Heritage list. The provinces of the region are: Cagliari (regional capital), Carbonia-Iglesias, Nuoro, Olbia-Tempio, Oristano, Medio Campidano, Sassari and Ogliastra.