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Extimated event date: Luglio 2018
  Area Luras, Tempio Pausania, Aggius
Saturday, July 6. Saturday, July 6th awaits the Feast of Paranza Calangianus with the products of the Sardinian sea of the frame of the hillside of Gallura. From 18:00 hours on Via Roma you can enjoy excellent fried fish accompanied by local wines and sweets Gallura. 10:00 guided tour of monuments and archaeological sites, parish museum of sacred art and Cork Museum is unique in Italy. 18 pm: parade and performance by the band Michael Columbano folk group lu Rizzatu, mascara Gadduresa Calangianus, group dance and Tenor murals Orgosoloed to follow the flag-wavers and musicians of the city of Sassari. 21:00 Live music and dancing with the Latin American Accordionist Gianfranco


Extimated event date: Agosto 2018
Altitude: 285 mt. a.s.l.  Area Tempio Pausania, Luras, Aggius
The festival, directed by Paolo Fresu is in its edition number twenty-seven in from 9 to August 16, 2017 under the heading Feet, It 's true that, once standing, the man does not know how to stand still (cit.Fre'de'ric Gros). The event takes place in midsummer Berchidda and other centers in Northern Sardinia: Bortigiadas, Budoni, Calangianus, Chiaramonti Ittireddu, Loiri, Mores, Ozieri, Pattishall, Posada, Sant'Antonio di Gallura, Telti, Temple Pausanias and Tula. Quidici stage for an intense week of music, from live from morning to night in space and ever-changing scenarios, from marine scorc to country churches, piazzas other remarkable places in dowry brought by each municipality with Berchidda to do central field. And 'provided a rich and varied artistic of Italian and international jazz scene: Fabrizio Bosso, Julian Mazzariello, Gianluca Petrella, Nico Gori, Alessandro Lanzoni, Rosario Bonaccorso, Stefano Cocco Cantini, Marco Tamburini, leonardo know, Ezio Bosso, Luca Aquino, Carmine Ioanna, the Band Bernardo De Muro BargaJazz Ensemble, Monica Demuru, Mulatu Astatke, Elina Duni, Steven Bernstein, Marcus Rojas, Omar Sosa, Gustavo Ovalles, Andy Emler, laurent Outdoor seating, the vocal group A Cumpagnia, Dave Holland, Kevin Eubanks, Eric Harland, Peppe Servillo, Javier Girotto, Natalio Mangalavite, Stefano D'Anna, the Fanfare Tirana, Transglobal Underground, as well as Paolo Fresu and at the same then the writer Erri De Luca, Alessio Bertallot with its musical ions, Louis Lai and sounds of launeddas, the tango steps Margarita Klurfan and Qalter Cardozo, traditional dances and tap-contaminated media and Tamango and Urban Tap. Suggestions and ideas for inspiration also valid for the usual array of exhibitions and events staged at the center of Berchidda Laber under the banner of the Pontifical Academy for Life, Project Visual Arts Time in Jazz coordinated by Giannella Demuro Fresu and Antonello, and through the equally inevitable series of films and documentaries curated by the director Gianfranco Cabiddu. Music, art, cinema, but not only return to the field in this year's festival the various initiatives badged Green Jazz, the project to raise awareness of environmental issues that Time in Jazz continues for years.

Events, festivals and events in SARDEGNA near OLBIA Arzachena Golfo Aranci Capriccioli: 'FESTA DELLA PARANZA'   'TIME IN JAZZ XXVII EDIZIONE'  


A journey sailing on an emerald sea among small and big coves with snow-white sand and this is Sardinia, an Island that strikes its visitors with natural contrasts, the lights and colours of a region that guards old traditions, amid wilderness and pure nature. Situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia is a mainly mountainous region, without high peaks, with a vast and charming, yet bittersweet, natural environment. In fact, the presence of man does not seem to affect this territory; great surfaces still preserve their natural composition, luxuriant woods with even millenary trees, small desert areas and marshes inhabited by deer, wild horses and rapacious birds. The sea reigns over this region with its colours and it creeps into the coves, along the coasts, the beaches and the most popular resorts. An example is the Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast) with its pearl, Porto Cervo, that combines the history and culture of a region that has old traditions with a joyful and colourful nightlife. Porto Cervo was named after its enchanting cove, which looks like the antlers of a deer; the Old Port is considered the best-equipped tourist port in the Mediterranean Sea. Porto Rotondo is also a famous location; it overlooks the wide Gulf of Cugnana and is full of villas and piazzas embedded in a splendid natural environment. Those who prefer the mountain to the sea can explore the area of Gennargentu, the greatest mountain range in Sardinia, with its peculiar landscape, where Man and Nature joined one another and decided that the latter should have the priority. This region is rich in flora and fauna, with its mouflons, golden eagles, Sardinian deer and several species that are now threatened with extinction. Among its wonders, Sardinia offers the visitor the Nuragic complexes scattered all over the territory. These are unique monuments in the world that testify an ancient culture, that remains partly mysterious, and that went from the fifteenth century to the sixteenth BC. The Nuragic constructions were built using great blocks of stone and develop around a central cone-shaped tower that transmits strength and power. These are archaeological sites where it is possible to grasp the archaic charm of ancient rituals and domestic life. Of these many constructions, the complex of Barumini, in the province of Cagliari, is among the sites in the UNESCO World Heritage list. The provinces of the region are: Cagliari (regional capital), Carbonia-Iglesias, Nuoro, Olbia-Tempio, Oristano, Medio Campidano, Sassari and Ogliastra.