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Extimated event date: Novembre 2018
Loc. IMPERIA - LIGURIA  Navigatore
38 Km from LINO
  Area San Lorenzo al Mare, Cervo, Santo Stefano al Mare
We will welcome you in the beautiful Riviera of flowers, in the center of the pretty village of Imperia there will be a three-day entirely devoted to the discovery prince of the ingredient in the Mediterranean diet: olive oil. Walking through the streets, the stalls will have the opportunity to enjoy a full menu, from aperitif to the ice, where the dishes of this precious condiment will be the master. Miles from the feast not storcano the nose, calm your palate will be able to find cake for their teeth, you will be able to even find the best local specialties and a wide ion of local wines.


Extimated event date: Luglio 2018
42 Km from LINO
  Area Testico, Castelbianco, Villanova d'Albenga
Garlic has long been seen as the enemy of vampires. But why ? Aside from the fact that, given his ss as an anticoagulant , if anything, should be appreciated by blood drinkers , the explanation can be traced back to the fact that vampires were considered pests , and consequently the garlic , having antibacterial properties , kept them away . The Arroscia , natural way for transit trade between Piedmont and Liguria and beyond, has always seen along its streets , a succession of barter and trade. Well, right in the middle of the valley lies the village of Vessalico strategically located in a position that seems deliberately chosen to make it a point to meet and exchange. And it is precisely here that saw the birth Garlic Fair . The first documentation of this ancient fair will have in the year 1760 and still the producers of garlic in the valley get together, July 2 (except for the years during which falls on a Sunday on which it is moved to Saturday ) , and offer this product only the result of hard work. It is no garlic whatsoever. The main features of this variety are the intense aroma accompanied by a delicate taste , garlic is a very digestible and has a good shelf life ; these characteristics are given by the mild climate ( the Arroscia Valley lies at the foot of the Alps, at the same time is still affected by the influence of the climate of the Ligurian coast ) and from soils particularly suited to this crop .


Extimated event date: Giugno 2018
39 Km from LINO
Altitude: 6 mt. a.s.l.  Area Cervo, San Lorenzo al Mare, Santo Stefano al Mare
Party full of dishes cooked in the frying pan like Ineja local anchovies, exhibitions, dancing, musical performances, children's play area and many other events.

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Liguria is in the north-west of Italy and borders with France. This region has impressive mountains and sweet hills, colored by the green Mediterranean turf and overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea with high and indented coasts. This region has multiple facets, different yet indissolubly bound up with each other, to offer a wide range of opportunities to those who choose to spend their holidays in this land. It offers nature, sea, mountains and culture as well as entertainment and night life: you only have to take your pick. The sea is the great resource of this region, with its rocky coasts interrupted by small coves and beaches of fine golden sand. The Cinque Terre and the Gulf of Poets, the Gulf of Tigullio, Genoa and Paradise Gulf, the Riviera delle Palme and the Riviera dei Fiori make up the famous coast of Liguria which stretches from Ameglia to Ventimiglia, for more than 300 km. In this itinerary, spectacular for the beauty of its land and seascapes, we can see the most famous tourist resorts of Liguria: Portofino, Santa Margherita Ligure, Rapallo, Sestri Levante, with its enchanting Baia del Silenzio, and Chiavari. There's a succession of ample beaches, little ports and amazing sceneries to explore, which turn into lively centres by night, with plenty of entertainment and shopping on offer. There's Sanremo, the city of flowers, famous for the Italian Music Festival and for its Casino. The refined towns of Bordighera and Alassio, with its 3 kilometers of fine sand, along with Laigueglia and Varigotti are some of the 'gems' embedded in the Riviera di Ponente. Then comes Portovenere, in front of Palmaria Island, and Lerici with its grand medieval castle, elegant villas and lush gardens. The sea is so beautiful that it also attracts several specimens of sperm whales, rorquals and dolphins, which found their natural habitat and live safely in this area, called the 'Sanctuary of Cetaceans'. The great woods of Liguria with their century-old trees, a real natural heritage, are a good alternative to traditional tourism. You will plunge into nature to get to know and see the places where man, with love and dedication, managed to obtain the best fruits from this territory. Places full of history, culture and traditions, which witness the passage of ancient peoples coming from the sea. The provinces of the region are: Genoa (capital region), Imperia, Savona and La Spezia.