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The North of England from the Scottish borders of Berwick and Carlisle down to the more Southerly towns of Cleveland, Darlington and Tebay is a land once torn apart by division and fear; now rich in heritage. We have long recognised the significance of walls and or perhaps more symbolically and tearing them down. Barriers used to separate tribes and communities are thankfully becoming a feature of the past as tolerance makes way for the joy of diversity. But to glimpse the past, when tribes were fearful of their neighbours, Hadrian's Wall has to be one of the most famous. In AD 105, after several attempts to conquer the northern tribes, the Romans withdrew, and the northern frontier was temporarily fixed at the Tyne-Solway line. When Emperor Hadrian visited Britain in AD 122, he decided to build a physical barrier to keep the northern tribes at bay. The most famous Roman remain in England today, Hadrian's Wall, stretches from the North Sea to the Irish Sea. When complete it measured 80 Roman miles long, between 8-10 feet wide, and 15 feet high. Today many of the stones have been recycled into other buildings, but the wall is still there for people to explore and remember. But there is more to this area of England than old ruins and relics; the scenic splendour of lakes and mountains, castles, dramatic coastlines and glorious National Parks as well as vibrant cities, exciting nightlife and culture await your exploration.