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Stretching out into the azure depths of the Aegean, Evia and the Sporades contain a mixture of natural, cultural, and archaeological treasures, topped off with a healthy dose of hedonism. Evia, Greece's second-largest island, nudges the coast of Central Greece, stretching from Karystos in the south, through bustling Chalkida, to the therapeutic springs of the northern villages. Beyond Evia, the Sporades arc across the sea to the north. Vibrant Skiathos has the liveliest reputation, flaunting its beach-ringed shores for summer travelers. Skopelos is known as one of the greenest islands in all of Greece, with Byzantine monuments and narrow streets sprinkled among the lush vegetation. Alonnisos harbors pristine wilderness crossed by hiking trails and access to the Marine Park, while Skyros has remained true to its old ways despite the demands of modern-day tourism. These islands have beckoned visitors to bask on their sunlit shores and hike their shaded forests since Greece's earliest days.