InfoPoint 'Delphi': the mobile solution to promote the territory

Are you a territory promoter ? Have you a Tourist Association ? Or are you a private interested to promote a territory ?

Do you want to earn in exchange for visibility offered to your territory ?

The InfoPoint 'Delphi' is a tool for the enhancement of the territory and its Tourism

It is enough to register to the IdeasForTravels portal as 'Territory Promoter' and to request the InfoPoint 'Delphi': it will be sent the active URL and the QRCode, this last one in printable version and in html version to paste it in own website or in partner websites.

You can register Events and Points of Interest of your territory in the IdeasForTravels portal; these will be displaied in real time in the InfoPoint.

Contact the Tourist Structures and offer them to be published in the InfoPoint for a yearly fee: the commercial relation will be directly from you and the Structure, IdeasForTravels doesn't request any commission.

If they accept it will be enough a free registration to the portal: subsequently accessing to your private area with just a click they will be published in the InfoPoint. If necessary, at any time, you can exclude them from the publication.

Finally, promote your InfoPoint 'Delphi' displaying the QRCode in your website, in partner websites and displaing the printable copy.

The users of the InfoPoint 'Delphi' will be informed in real time about Structures, Promotions, Initiatives, Attractions, Events...and they will be always informed also then they come back to home: the InfoPoint is always active.

Features of the InfoPoint 'Delphi':
- Visibility of Structures, Promotions, Initiatives, Attractions, Events, Public utility alerts
- Publication of description, images, video, brochure, link to the official website, to Booking.Com, route navigator...
- Compliance to every smartphone (Android, IOS, Windows...)
- No installation required
- The Structures are autonomous to register their information, Promotions and Initiatives
- Real time publication of the registered information
- Simplified Management of published Structures
- Ready in few hours
- Free first month. Then 100 Euro/Year

Some examples (the InfoPoint 'Delphi' is active only on smartphone and tablet devices):


The InfoPoint 'Delphi' of IdeasForTravels is provided to Tourist Associations, Tourism Offices, privates (following 'organizations') provide, to the visitors of a location, information about nearby Structures (hotels, bed & breakfast, campings, restaurants...) and about the territory: attractions and events.

The information displaied are descriptions, images, video, brochure, form to contact, links, route navigator...

The InfoPoint 'Delphi' displaies the organization logo, its information and all information about Tourist Structure, Promotions, Tourist Initiatives, Points of Interest, Events and public alerts.

The InfoPoint 'Delphi' displaies in real time the information: the organization may register in the IdeasForTravels portal points of interest, Events (also repeatable) and public alerts of its territory: these are immediately displaied in the InfoPoint.
The InfoPoint 'Delphi' is always updated: Events and Alerts are removed when expired.

The InfoPoint 'Delphi' does not replace the official web site, if existent, of the organization: it is a complementary service that can provide useful and updated information to tourists submitted directly by the organization and by Tourist Structures.

Tourist Structures advantages

The Tourist Structures than can be displaied in the InfoPoint 'Delphi' are:
- Hotels
- Bed & Breakfast
- Campings
- Agritourism
- Residences
- Pensions
- Bathhouses
- Restaurants/Pizzas
- Sport/Recreation (sailing schools, kayak schools, ski schools...)

The Tourist Structures register and manage their information accessing to the portal
Furthermore they can register Promotions and Initiatives who have immediately visibility from the InfoPoint users.

The information are descriptions, images, video, brochure, contacts (email, phone...), the official website link, the link, the Facebook link, other Social links and the route navigator.

An hotel can register a Promotion for their rooms, a restaurant can register an Initiative for tasting of local food and wine...these are immediately displaied in the InfoPoint 'Delphi' home page and the details visible selecting the 'Info' button. They will be removed when expired.

The InfoPoint 'Delphi' allows a direct contact with the Tourist Structures published: no commissions are requested.

Writing the URL of the InfoPoint 'Delphi' in a desktop browser is possible to display and print the QRCode; it is provided also the html code who display the QRCode that can be displaied in a website.

The tourists using the InfoPoint 'Delphi' reading with a smartphone the QRCode have immediately information about lodging, food, promotions, attractions...

Visibility of Tourist Structures associated with the organization

The organization, accessing to the portal, select the Tourist Structures to be published in the InfoPoint (the Tourist Structures have to be registered to the deasForTravels portal; the registration is free).

The organization can, at any moment, insert/remove Structures.

Only the Structures autorized by the organization are published in the InfoPoint 'Delphi'.

Do you want a different App ?

La InfoPoint 'Delphi' uses an exclusive software connector realized by IdeasForTravels: the GeoAPI (Georeferenced Application Program Interface)

This connector is able to link to the IdeasForTravels data bank and to display in any web application (websites, portals, InfoPoint, Apps...), in real time and without local archives, the information of the territory covered by the InfoPoint 'Delphi'.

If you are a software developper, contact IdeasForTravels for more information.

How to request

For info contact IdeasForTravels
Phone: +39 348 3691001
Do you desire to be contacted ? Fill in the form:
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