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toirano caves a toirano - liguria
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 sito naturalistico TOIRANO CAVES

sito naturalistico



The Caves of Toirano are still subject of research by international experts today and they are one of the major tourist attractions of the West Liguria Inland, with more than 150.000 visitors a year. The whole tem consists of the caves 'Grotta della Ba'sura' (Witch's cave), 'Grotta del Colombo' (Pigeons Cave), and 'Grotta di S. Lucia' (Cave of St. Lucia). The show caves are two of the caves, the 2Grotta della Ba'sura' and the lower level of the 'Grotta di S. Lucia'. Both are connected by an artificial tunnel. During the visit, the guide showed us the amount of remains of bears' bones (Ursus Spelaeus). I was amazed about how big the bones were. For thousands of years the bear of the caves sought refuge there, as can be testified also by the paw prints on the floor! Then, particularly interesting are the signs of the presence of the prehistoric man in the form of foot, hand and knee prints. the guide explained us that the footprint date back to 12,340 years ago. During the visit I was fascinated by the caves walls. They are covered with fine, aragonite crystal formations, with strange flower-like shapes. Some of them have enormous stalactites also covered with aragonite crystals.

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