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restaurant osteria del diavolo in asti - piemonte




Red Devil, the name of the homonymous Association which is based in the adjacent former church Brotherhood of St. Michael was the nom de guerre the Asti Giovanni Gerbi (Asti May 20, 1885-6 maggio1955) one of the pioneers of the Italian cycling road. John, always on the run, who with his business has helped to enhance Asti and his tenacious character. With its legendary red jersey, deserves our gratitude and sympathy for the brave and daring cyclist companies, but also shrewd and witty, sports that teaches us to be ready to throw into the fray, to arrive in the middle of the procession as a red devil , the baker's boy and that with willpower and lightness of the past, reached extraordinary results sparking controversy equally vigorous. With our Osteria, we want to inherit the entire local hardening and pour it into quell'operosita' that there is more: the art of cooking; the quenching which allowed Paolo Conte to write in her album Travel notes representative and melancholy words with millennial resignation well express one of the traits of our country's identity