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territory promoter proloco eventi predore in predore - lombardia




The page aims to be a showcase of the activities undertaken by the Proloco Events Predore for the development of tourism activities, in particular for what concerns the typical products of handicraft and local folk traditions, the protection and preservation of historic, artistic, architectural, cultural and environmental. It also aims to provide greater visibility to all the realities that wish to promote their business through entertainment events, development and culture.


Coming from Sarnico, after Eurovil tourist center, there is the church of San Giorgio, where some recent restoration revealed the architectural features of the small medieval building. Continue for about a mile you will reach the center of the village, located on a slope between the lake and the hills, formed by sediments of the stream Rino, which here finds its outlet in Lake Iseo. In the airy square is the town hall, flanked on the left by the historic fountain of the year in 1709 and from the elm that was once called the square; while on the right is right to count the Parish Church Arcipresbiterale Plebana dedicated to St. John the Baptist and Sacred Heart of Jesus, built in 1909 to a design by prof. John Barboglio. The interior also features a valuable painting of the Madonna and San Felix, Francesco Zucco (seventeenth century). The organ dual keyboard, which features more than 19 registers, was commissioned to the firm Marzoli and Rossi in Varese in 1925, but needs a restoration. The adjacent bell tower of 45 meters high, completed in 1921, boasts a magnificent concert of eight bells in shades C3 serious Lombard, in 1950 by winning the papal foundry Angelo Ottolina of Bergamo for a total weight of 60 tons, of which 18 , 64 tons the bell. Little remains of the charm that the former church presbyterial aroused in origin: it was built before 1000 in the ancient village in Lake Predore, and over the centuries it underwent many changes that it compromised the early medieval structure. The facade oriented towards the lake is simple in form, the plant is a single nave in Baroque style, the current coverage is trussed and replaces the time that has collapsed due to the period of neglect that has suffered, is now involved in an intervention retraining to enable it to act as a civic auditorium. By the lake, in the exquisite villa Lanza is the Tower Dimezzata of the twelfth century, which was part of the fortification of Predore. Popular beliefs tell of two brothers, one Guelph and the other Ghibelline, came to contention and who wanted to leave one standing, and another break down the tower. It really is not sure what it was to cause the collapse of the keep. The other old town perched above the road coastal preserves some remains of the fortified village and medieval castle; features are the narrow streets that are articulated in the steep slope to the edge of the highest inhabited. To the north of the country, in a wonderful position in the low mountain is the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Snows, built in the fifteenth century; it underwent in succession deep transformations and extensions. The Sanctuary is available for a very steep road, or walking to climbing a staircase with 288 steps. Great to be here the view of the lake and on the environmental reserve of bogs Iseo. In the eastern part of the town is the so-called Horn of Predore, area of great scientific interest and natural beauty.

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