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The town of Tortona (about 27,500 inhabitants) is located in the north west side of Italy (Piemonte region)borders Liguria, Lombardia and Emilia Romagna regions. It's 75 km from Milano, 115 km from Torino and 75 km from Genova. It's to the south of the province of Alessandria, is located at the foot of airy hills and foothills of the Ligurian Alps, overlooking the Po Valley. It's a nice place of natural beauty and historical and cultural attractions; it's also an ideal area in the center of the industrialized area including three provinces (Milano and Torino - Genova) and the convergence of strategic communication lines, both highway to rail for business. Highways A7 (Genova-Milano) and A21 (Torino-Piacenza) cross territory that is also served by railway lines Genova-Milano and Torino-Bologna. The first evidence of the existence of Tortona date back to prehistoric times (VIII and V century BC), when the Ligurians built the first fort on the hill, now it's green heart of the town and home to the remains of a superb fortress destroyed by Napoleon troops. In roman times Tortona already existed in 120 BC and it was the crossroads of major highways. The roman period still preserves important vestiges including the remains of the walls, aqueduct and tombs. The economy is predominantly agricultural and crafts but the industry had its importance mainly due to agricultural machinery factory Orsi, ceased in 1964, and the Graziano SpA, a manufacturer of lathes still in business. 'Centro Logistico Multimediale di Rivalta Scrivia', a true multi-purpose logistics hub, and 'Parco Scientifico Tecnologico', a settlement for innovative activities and university laboratories for research and development , are located here. Tortona is at the center of three beautiful valleys: the valley Scrivia, Curone Grue and Ossona (take the names from the rivers running through them) they are famous and appreciated from pristine environment and good food lovers especially. Many protected gourmet products (DOC and Denomination of Controlled Origin) are grown in the Tortona: wines, cheeses, vegetables and mushrooms are the main attractions. The Cistercian Abbey of Rivalta Scrivia (founded in 1150 AC) and Pellizza da Volpedo, the internationally famous painter for the 'Quarto stato', are just two examples of the heritage culture of the city and its immediate surroundings. Among the famous people born in the territory of Tortona are Fausto Coppi, one of the greatest cyclists of all time samples, and Luigi Orione, proclaimed saint by Papa Giovanni Paolo II in 2004. The town has bishopric and many interest points, including the civic theater, museums and historical buildings. AssaggiaTORTONA, Cantara' e Catanaj, Arena Derthona and the Fiera di Santa Croce are the most popular events. The Town Hall is located in the renovated building complex named 'ex Caserma Passalacqua', originally it used as stables, fitness gym and shelter heavy vehicles of the former military complex.

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