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bed and breakfast domus socolatae in follonica - toscana




Once upon a time, in a coastal village, a beautiful lady had a little girl with big blue eyes. Every birthday the loving mama created sweet chocolate houses. Those delicious little houses became a way to share happy times with friends who came to celebrate, to create genuine and cheerful moments and memories. As time passed, the little girl grew, she became a beautiful woman and got married. After a few years she bore a child, a daughter, with big blue eyes and the great passion for the chocolate houses was passed on to her. The years went by, other children were born, and, from generation to generation, although each of the them went their own way, all handed down for posterity the memories of those strange, wonderful chocolate cakes. One day, the last lady went back to her village, and in the family villa she continued to build those big, sweet, chocolate houses to share with her friends. Here you will find, just in a brief visit, what you need to feel joy in your heart. Perhaps, immersed in the pleasure of a chocolate cake you may discover a warm and magical place. The dream to create chocolate houses will continue, for me and for you.