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hotel scala hotel in bolzano - trentino alto adige




L 'Hotel Scala has its origins in the inn Stiegl and takes its name from the German noun Stiege or Hilbe which means lake. The tavern was originally used as a station for the mail carriages. Hotel Scala, with its beautiful Art Nouveau facade, was rebuilt as a hotel to stay and care in 1898, to accommodate the large influx of German tourists who were staying in Bolzano from November to April. The Fascist period that led to Bolzano The industry ended the heavy Bolzano old known as a spa town and stay, so also the Dependence of the hotel, badly damaged during the Second World War, was never rebuilt. In the 90s of the last century the part towards the park was enlarged to accommodate 12 rooms in addition. Since 2006, since the structure had become obsolete, there were interventions continue to modernize the structure, making it consistent with the current regulations, interventions that culminated in the reconstruction of the south wing in 2008 and the west wing in 2012 with respectively 25 and 15 new Rooms the type Comfort