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hotel esplanade hotel in pescara - abruzzo




The history of the building now housing the Hotel Esplanade of Pescara marks the modern history of this town on the Adriatic Coast from the time of its construction (early 900s) until this day. All historical, political and social events of the town have seen its constant presence. During the Fascist period it becomes for its importance Casa Littoria, visited by all the fascist leaders and the Duce himself. During the period of the war, its strategic location was important as a center of military ambush to fend off attacks from the sea. It miraculously survives the bombing of the town center of August 31th, 1943. Over the years it has hosted all persons in transit in the town of Pescara: from Nobel Prize Sabin, to all the artists of cinema, theater and music. It was privileged spectator of the presence of Pope Paul VI in 1997 and hosted former Italian President Scalfaro and his diplomats entourage. Its beautiful facades, high ceilings, classic style furniture and unchanged prestige are part of its original features preserved over the years.