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hotel albergo in popoli - abruzzo




Peoples, the key of the three Abruzzi, the boundary between the Peligna Valley and Val Pescara, the confluence of the river Aterno and Pescara, surrounded Perco National Majella, is 250 m above sea level in a natural gorge in which he names, Gorges of Peoples. Medieval city, was an important commercial center as it connects the Adriatic coast in Rome, it has retained its natural charm; The Pescara Springs, The Natural Reserve of Monte Rotondo is a unique place for those who want to stay in contact with nature and animals and escape from the bustle of the town. The water, the main feature of our city, characterizes the Aterno River, the River Pescara, San Callisto, The Garden and thanks to its sulphurous waters the Thermal Center. Peoples is also famous for major sporting events like the Cronoscalata Turns of Peoples which has had over time even international importance and it still retains the great appeal in August and has since given birth to the most famous of his countrymen: L 'engineer Corradino D'Ascanio, helicopter pioneer and inventor of the Vespa Piaggio in factories as well as a leading figure in many other areas also gets accolades intenazionali as the Congress of Philadelphia. In this context, the story is the host and this year the story is back to talk about though. In fact, a historic building, this since the '20s is back to shine on his own: The Hotel Ma.Re. A duplex structure, always used as tourist accommodation, has 17 new modern-style rooms that are well alongside classic interiors and unobtainable as its wrought iron staircase and its marble shining again.