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territory promoter associazione turistica proloco sedini in sedini - sardegna




The Pro Loco Sedini is an association, which means that everything that is done is the product of many heads. People come together in a partnership to pursue the goals that will not or can not reach alone. The associative nature of Pro Loco Sedini puts the 'aggregation as a mandatory requirement of their existence. The Pro Loco tourist association Sedini is: today the 'tourist' term includes many phenomena, in fact there are cultural tourism, gastronomic, sporting, religious and Every Pro Loco should seek their own distinctive strand in accordance with the reality in which it operates. The Pro Loco Sedini Tourism is an association of voluntary service: the Pro Loco members are volunteers who provide their services for free. A Pro Loco is not a company, its purpose is not profit. Any form of entry should be reinvested in the association's activities.


Located in the center of Anglona, in a mid-point between the sea and the hill, it is the ideal place for a vacation in any season. Nestled between two cliffs, which open to the southeast reclining after a few kilometers in a pretty little valley. At the edge of the historic center, it is located, one of the most important monuments and unique in Sardinia, Domus de Janas (house of fairies). A huge limestone rock, excavated in the recent Neolithic (3500-2700 BC), in order to realize inside a prehistoric necropolis, re-used since the Middle Ages as a dwelling, was subsequently transformed into a Spanish prison in the sixteenth century and still inhabited until a few years does. Today it is completely open, its interior houses an ethnographic museum of rural culture anglonese testimony, and finally the Neolithic tomb. In the country is worth noting the historical center, among which the parish church of Sant'Andrea, built in Gothic / Aragonese style in 1500 on a pre-existing sacred building, which houses within it a revisiting of the Transfiguration of Raphael, painted in 1597 Andrea Luxury; the thirteenth century crucifix and the collection of sacred silver .; the church of the Rosary, the seventeenth century, with a fine inlaid wooden choir of the XVII century and some murals. Today the church is home to the confraternity of the Holy Cross, the brothers organized the rites of Holy Week and participate in other religious events. Formerly the country was divided into three districts, Cape Sardo, Cap Corse and Colthi Itthoria, and in the ancient village still resist numerous houses with a typically Spanish architecture dating from the sixteenth and seventeenth century.

TERRITORY PROMOTER ASSOCIAZIONE TURISTICA PROLOCO SEDINI is close to Perfugas San Pietro a Mare Santa Maria Coghinas